ATVTrac re-launched with added value

  • Farm Machinery
  • September 12, 2017 10:53 am
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Asset tracking experts, BikeTrac have re-launched their popular ATV device, now known as ATVTrac and offering farmers, estate managers, local authorities and individual users real peace of mind from theft.

A long established and proven product in the motorcycle security market, BikeTrac moved into the ATV field in 2012, offering customers a comprehensive Thatcham approved device that quickly gained recognition and endorsement from major manufacturers.

Bike Trac’s Bill Taylor said: “With the re-launch of ATVTrac we’re now offering a dedicated team for the ATV sector, bringing market specialists onboard and developing the dealer network both in the UK and Ireland.

“On top if this, we’re now offering a simplified service with first-year subscription fees now included in the purchase price, while our dedicated online portal allows the view of multiple units under one log-in. This combined with endorsement from Can-Am, Kawasaki and Polaris and Suzuki offers additional peace of mind.”

ATVTrac’s technology means that as soon as a machine is unlawfully moved, the unit will send the owner a text and email to notify movement, with the system automatically triggering a breadcrumb trail on the online portal for the user and law enforcement authorities to track. On top of this, the system also keeps tabs on battery voltage, notifying the owner again via text or email if it drops below a certain level, as well as the unique ‘ATV Over’ function too that notifies a colleague or loved-one if a machine tips over an 80-degree angle with the ignition switched on.

On top of these functions, ATVTrac can really score for fleet users too, where the online portal can track numerous machines on one-screen allowing central control centres to know the exact whereabouts of their machines and staff, to be able to manage and react on location to jobs or tasks as they occur, as well as additional peace of mind for lone workers and farmer safety.

With this know-how and the latest technology built in to ATVTrac, users are not only able to track the whereabouts of their machine night and day via the online web portal, but can also use the unit to view usage on satellite mapping, keep tabs on mileage and hours used. Users even know if a machine is involved in a roll-over incident. In the event of a theft RF (radio frequency) is utilised to help locate the vehicle if it has been hidden in a container / garage / van or out house.

ATVTrac is backed up by BikeTrac’s Secure Operations Centre that also receives alerts and works with the authorities on your behalf to track and recover stolen machines.

ATVTrac has a recommended retail price of £399 inc VAT, plus install from our growing network of dealers and with the first year subscription included in the purchase price. Further subscription costs £9.99 per month or £99.99 per year. ATVTrac has no other hidden costs, all text notifications and emails are included in the subscription cost. And for the launch all NFU members can claim a 12.5% discount off the unit price. And by using CESAR an additional 12.5% discount is available, 25% discount in total.